REALTOR® Mobile Apps

The great listings and functionality of on your mobile device.


Using the handheld's
GPS technology:

Using the handheld's built-in GPS, get up-to-date property information, photos and driving directions for properties near your location. You can also find recent listings in the area you're visiting, and if it's a weekend, find Open Houses near your present location.


My Agent

This function allows you to contact either your agent(s), or the listing agent, for more information about a specific property. The agent can also be added to your device's contacts list.


Property Search

Just like the website, you can search for houses and properties anywhere in Canada.


Open Houses

This feature allows you to add scheduled Open Houses to your calendar and find Open Houses near your location.


Driving Directions

This allows you to get driving directions to a listed property either by entering an address, or from your current location by using the device's GPS functionality.

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